Hari Om Ashram


Why Moun Room (Silence Room) ?

Pujya Mota had experianced so many difficulties for food and need of peaceful environment when he needed to worship the god. With the aim of people who want to worship their god, should not face same difficulties Pujya Mota started Moun Mandir (Moun Room).

People from all religion like Hindu, Jain, Muslim, Parsi, Harijan and the agegroup started form 7 year to 85 year have attend the Moun Mandir. Ashram takes only Rs. 5 per day that includes meal of 2 time and tea or milk 2 times a day. We only have 9 moun rooms so participant have to take reservation, participant who want to attend the moun room, they have to inform the manager of ashram well in advance.

    Highlights of Moun Mandir
  • Rooms can be taken for 7 or 14 or 21 Days.
  • Only Rs. 5 charged for a Day.
  • People from any religion can take part
  • Smoking and Tobacco is prohabited
    Facilities of Moun Mandir
  • Rooms range from 10 X 12 to 20 X 20 sq.ft
  • Large swing where you can rest
  • Bed,Table and Chair for writing and dining
  • Table Lamp, watch, Toilet, Bathroom etc
3D View of Room