Hari om Ashram


Ashram's Moun Mandir

"Caves of old times with the minimum modern facility". The Moun Mandir started from Year 1955. People who want to pray peacefully and without any intervention can pray to their relative god, with this conept Pujya Mota started Moun Mandir.

Hari Om Gunj - Magazine

Hari Om Gunj reflects the life of Pujya Mota. This magazine is published at every two months and delivered to approximatly 10000 subscriber world wide. You can download e-copy of magazine by clicking download section.

Forthcoming Events

15-04-16 Ram Navmi
19-07-16 Guru Purnima
25-09-16 Mota's BirthDate
11-10-16 Vijaya Dasmi
30-10-16 Chopda Pujan
31-10-16 New Year
05-02-17 Vasant Panchmi

Welcome to Ashram!

If you wish to take your excursions inward, than the Hari Om Ashram in Bilodra might serve the serenity to bridge those pathways. In this ashram, first established as Moun Mandirs (silent temples), you can find a space of solitude for quiet reflection. 

Sincere seekers take a vow of silence and shut themselves voluntarily inside these rooms to penetrate into the silence within themselves. For a token donation of Rs. 5/-, the ashram provides these seekers food in their closed room through a window as well as laundry facility. This hermitage is run entirely on donations. It was founded by Pujya Mota, a well-known saint of Gujarat, who had dedicated his life to selfless service of Harijans.